E-PardarshiGrievance Management System for Railways

Indian Railways is one of the largest employer in the world. It employs more than 14 lac employees. Personnel Branch is dedicated towards management of Employees. These employees work under various designations under different branches. P-Branch works like an HR department and manages all these employees. In order to bring more transparency and disseminate services and information to its serving and non-serving staff - P-Branch is continuously working on Digital Initiatives.
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Understanding and giving importance to Employees has always been considered a taboo in goverment run institutions. Railways was also facing lot of flak due to pending employee issues and grievances. There were less takers of such cases.

Single Window System was initiated as an automated tool that gave Employees a terminal to lodge their grievances from home / office or thru smart phones; wherever they face an issue. The issue will be assigned to concerned department / section for redressal. A tentative date/lead time is decided based on case type and official employee charter. SMS based OTP authentication is done if employee want to register himself. Grievances can be linked, if any previous such record is available to avoid duplicity. Employee may also check status of grievance any time, from anywhere. When compliance is done on any complaint, an acknowledgement is sent to the employee. Scanned copies can be accessed by employee with every update.

Community Hall Booking

For online reservations for booking up Community Halls of Northern Railway/ Lucknow Division’s five locations. App allows users to browse and choose a desired location and view details about the location including a photo gallery. User once selects a location, gets to see the bookings calendar for current month with options to see future months. Red marked dates are booked and reservations are not allowed, while the Blue marked dates are partially booked dates, where reservation requests are received but payment process is incomplete and is open for booking. On selecting an open date, user can fill in required details in form to book a reservation. On submission, an email receipt is shared with user along with an on-screen input. Backend admin’s of community halls get the listings in their console who confirm the bookings after examining physical documents and payment process.

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