IRTCSOA companion for TTEs of Indian Railways

Ticket Examiners play an important role in Indian Railway’s day to day operations. They check for tickets, luggage pass, etc. from passengers and allow them on board Railways. They are authorized to charge them of penalty if they find passengers without a proper ticket. To facilitate the fare difference calculations, distance calculations, luggage freight charging – in an offline mode – while travelling can be done by this app.
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The app is a brain child of IRTCSO – an association organization of TTEs across Indian Railways – that works for empowering TTEs. As an association, the body has transformed the way TTEs work and has progressive onset views to utilize technology at work. With such an initiative, it eyes to eliminate carrying of calculator, manual calculation tables by TTEs by facilitating a smart app that does the work. The application works offline, without the need of an internet – which is difficult to have in a high speed moving train. It has a dataset of all trains, distances between stations, fare difference calculation app and a luggage freight calculation app for charging different type of passengers.

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  • Android Native App
  • SQLite