Record Room Management

Record Room ManagementRecord Management System for Railways

Indian Railways is one of the largest employer in the world. It employs more than 14 lac employees. Personnel Branch is dedicated towards management of Employees. These employees work under various designations under different branches. P-Branch works like an HR department and manages all these employees. In order to bring more transparency and disseminate services and information to its serving and non-serving staff - P-Branch is continuously working on Digital Initiatives.

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Understanding and giving importance to Employees has always been considered a taboo in government run institutions. Railways was also facing lot of flak due to pending employee issues and grievances. There were less takers of such cases.

Record Room Management allows managing definitions of Room, almirahs, shelves, allows records mapping – fields for files for searching as index, barcode mapping, shelf mapping. Barcode generation, pre generated barcode usage for mapping to files/records/shelves. File search on fields, barcodes and showing it’s current location (graphically and thru shelf codes) .

 Almirah, shelf based reports for all files/records under it, Issue /return management of files. Files thus will be traced to location in a shelf or to a person (issued to) , Records age report, archival or bulk process to retire from room after certain age based on type of file. Barcode based shelf relocation. Role based access, allows multiple room admins, and users to search for files from their login instead of coming to record room to find

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