RSW Safety

RSW SafetyPreventive Maintenance Alerts for all Equipments

The app aims to give scheduled maintenance alerts before hand to users so that the equipment / hardware / systems can be checked and maintained to avoid breakdowns and mishaps. Often workshops loose resources on critical breakdowns which are caused due to non-servicing of equipment.
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It is a safety app that allows users in a Railway Workshop – fetch customized item list that requires preventive maintenance. App summarizes health of all hardware items mapped to a certain office. Office users can update statuses and check for maintenance schedules. Schedules can be configured for each hardware item based on periodicity – can be a weekly schedule, monthly, quarterly or annually or custom date or day specific. App alerts users a day before the next schedule date. App gives facility to users to raise hardware tickets when the schedule is due or in case of breakdowns – to maintenance office. Maintenance office gets appropriate alerts and tickets. Maintenance users work on open tickets and update statuses / re-assign. On closure, the hardware is marked back to the given office and becomes active. On such an event a new schedule date is automatically calculated and shown to the user on dashboard and health charts.

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  • Native Android
  • RESTful APIs
  • CodeIgniter
  • CorePHP
  • HTML5
  • BootStrap