STC Smart

STC SmartStudent's Companion and Teacher's Guide

STC Smart App for enlisting customized schedule for Students and Teachers at STC, Lucknow. Shows Customized Time tables, allows teachers to communicate schedule changes and extra classes. App gives customized alerts and info - so that the students and faculty can plan. Learning aid for faculty - is another smart feature for assisted learning process.
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STC app is a single app that offers notifications, alerts for time table schedule to trainee students and faculty teachers of Supervisors Training Center, Northern Railway, Lucknow. The app essentially provides customized time tables to both role types – students, teachers. Daily alerts are sent to each student and teacher at 08:00 am with their day’s schedule. Admin manages all schedules from backend. Teachers have facility to make schedule for extra classes, notify on class cancellations, etc.

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  • Native Android
  • RESTful APIs
  • CodeIgniter
  • CorePHP
  • HTML5
  • BootStrap