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Super Computer Academy is a dedicated institute based in Eastern UP, India; that commenced its Vocational & Professional Skills business in 2010 and over the years has trained more than 2500 students under various govt & self funded programs. The management was unable to manage increased load of students, offer online courses and make a robust web-presence.
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The institute is continuously improvising and adopting to new methodologies to give its student’s high-tech learning environment to remote areas. Institute wanted to address challenges with managing increasing student strength, enhancing its image and increase foot-fall to tackle competition and offer high end online courses through introduction of online examinations. It wanted to facilitate its students to take several services online like download certificates, get fee alerts, etc.

This project became a unique combination to uplift and showcase how small towns are emerging using Technology. Project involved combining multiple application integrations as an umbrella offering. WordPress CMS is used for front-end and PHP/CodeIgniter based applications are integrated for giving this institute an edge over others. Back-end applications included, a robust Coaching Management Solution and an amazing online examination tool enabling students and management of Super Computer Academy with power to excel.

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  • WordPress
  • CodeIgniter
  • CorePHP
  • HTML5
  • BootStrap